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of the united states verges on bankruptc because although we have a $10 trillion debt, the unfunded liabilities are $100 trillion. at's something that sms to me one c't likel dismiss. >> ros a program note. we iended to show you this eving interviews with our friends malcolm glad well and jojohn grism but because of theconomic story, w will show you those interviews at a later time. tonigh orszag and ferguson when we continue. captioningponsored by se communications om our studios in new york city, this is chlie rose. >> ros peter orszag is here, he ithe director of the oice ofanagement and budget. called more than just the budget rector by the "new yorker" magazine, he' deeply invved in psident obama's ambitious dostic agenda as well. that includes healt care, ener policy and entitlement reform. he's focus tong country's long-term fiscal healt the ministration rently released pjections showing defici growing by $9 trillio over the nex ten years. speaking at new york uversity earlier today, peter orszag sai the government is permitted to putting the cntry back on firm fiscal footi. i'm pleased
interact with the rest of the taxode heren the united states. anwe don't have a value-added tax. so,gain, i don... again, it's been dcussed in academic circles. i ha not heard serious policy diussion of it en coming from citol hill. so it seems likeore of an academic idea at thi point tn an idea that's directlyn the mix in terms of policy. >> rose: what's going to be the biggest contributoto dicit reduction? >> well, over the long term i thk we need to be ver clear that it is not possible t tax your way out of the fcal trajectory that we're on. and further more,it's not possible to reduce spending outside of health care sufficientlyo addressur.... >> re: that means defse d... >> rht. our longerm fiscal problem is dispportionately influenced by the rate at which heah care costs grow. >> rose: right. >> over th next five or ten years, the sittion is a little bit different and the mixmay vary. buover the next 20, 30, 40, 70 100 years, the key thing is lping to reducehe rate of growth in health ce cts. wiout that, notng elsee do will matr. >> ros and so the bill is that's goi to come out of the
. one country's success need not co at the expense of another. that is why the united states insists we do not seek to contn china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome ina as a stron and prosperous and sucssful member o the community of nations. >> reporter: answering a qution on internet access ina -- >> unrestcted internet access a source ofrength, and i thinshould be encouraged. i think that the morereely formation flows, the stronger the society beces because tn citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governmes accountable. ey can begin tohink for themselves that generates new ideas. >> reporter: and disssing cooperation on climate change -- >> the united stat and china are th world's two larst emitters of greenhous ges, of carbon that is causing the planet to warm. so unls both of ou countries are willg to take critical steps in dealing with this issue, we wil not be able to resolve it. >> reporter: there's no down china d the u.s. wil be v to workogether on a variety of world problems, but don't expect any major announcements fro this visit. after shangi, the pres
's meetg, "the new york tis" noted e range of issues on whic the united state was asking for china's help. somethinthat might have been thinkable, it sa,efore the united states became embroiled in two wars a bfore the u. onomy was hbbled bythe global financialrisis that began on ishores. those issu inclu the wde trade ga between the two countries, redung greenhouse gas emiions, as well as iran and its nuclear program. prident obama alsobrgh up with the dai lama,he a exiled leader of tibet. beyond a show of goodill and a prome to work o big issues, no breakthrous were reported. but in tonight's "leadfocus," we wt to show you how the issue was cvered by theenglish language cnnel of chinese ate television. >> reporter: presint hu jintao has met with barack obama in beijing. they haveledged fortronger cooperion and to findore mm ground deite their differces. their discusons also focused on global challengesndhe wod economy has a solid recove. >> ts is the third formal meetingetween pesident ji andao barack obama this year th the interests of e world'sargesteveloping and develed nations. the t
of 300 million orthodox christians. we spoke i atlan during his currt visit to the united states. tomorrow in washington he meets with president oba. >> the only message that people of religion lik myselfcould give tthe world cmunity is to reect everybody. all human bein as created in the image andikeness of god. and to hp. jesus chst said whatever you do for my smalest, poorest people, bthers, you aredoing to me. so he is, the lord, identifies himself with tho people. and whater we do for them, we do forhrist. you can realize our great responsibility. >> rose:n elusive convertion with his all holiness ecumenalatriarch bartholomew of constantinople coming up. captioningponsored by se communications from our studios in neyork city, th is charlie rose. >> re: his all holiness, ecumenical patriarch btholomew of consttinople, is the primary spiritual leader of t orthodox christian world andhe orthodox churc which has 300 million meers around the world. it includes the churches of alexania and jerusalem, russia serbia, romania, bulgaria, georgia, cyus, greece, poland, albaa, the check
visited a joint united states/israeli mssile defense mauver. therthey're preparing for all eventualities. rocket and missile attacks o israel from iran, syriare leban and gaza. >> thehreat is new and the fact is our foes are being prared to give a new respse. >> the new respons is the iron me anti-missilesystem. it will be dloyed in less than a year. but the fact that remains is fr now on, in any future israeli onflict, from the north or the south, the heart of the nation tel aviv wl be under thre. >>> today milan, aly, there was a landma court ruling regarding a program run by the centl intelligence agenc know as extraordinary ndition. under th program, terro suspects weresecretly detained and flown t foreign countrie for interrogation that sohave d. today an italian judge convicted 23 americans o kidnaing an egypan cleric from a milan street in 2003 in one such opation. the ciahas decned to comnt the case and all of the americs were tried in their absence. nevertheless, th judge immediely sentenced 22 ofhe americans toive years in jail. anotr american, the former cia station chiefin m
, iseally of the opinion th the united states is really stuck with them a th the election hasiven the unitedtates no real alternate. therefore, he s the latitude to really take this as a rate of change that he would likand e that we pbably would not like. what's the blueprint here? >> t blueprint essential to be ale to the basicsf what counterinrgency requires d that is to be ableo protect largeopulation centers and to devote most of our energi now into regaining the coidence of the afghan people. unfortately, karzai's actions in recent times, not just corrupon, butfailure to delirbasic services are real what is forfeit so much of the cfidence and the trus that t afghan people are going to need if our strategy isoing to succeed. >>nd just vy briey, a lot of theeports about the wte house strate meeting say that esident obama is insisting that theree aay out before committing more troops. do you think that that is realistic? >> i really believe that that's a long shot here, that anyone is going to be able to script just what kind ofa way out. but it certainl may be a necessary part
in dealing with the united states. prime minist yukio hatoyoma s kept that prise, making i clearhat japan will no lo ar how itself t be treated as a rubber stamp for u.s. policy, especily on the issuef american milary bases. has gtten wasngton's tention, and itsrespect. and by today, relations seemed to be warming, ce again. in night's "lead focus" the presidensanalysis of u.s./japanese relation. president obama arrived in tokyo, t first stop on a four-nation tour that include siapore, china, south korea. shortly after hi arrival, esident obama met with e japanese primminister, yukio hatoyoma. among the issues on thetable, o afghanistan, north korea and global warming. in theiralks obama d the prime minister addressed bigges sore spot in u.s./japan relations the pressness of an air base in okinawa. ny are demanding the base be closed with protests taking place before the presidens arrival. both countriewould meet to address japan's concern about the base. >> our goal remains the same, and that's torovide for the defee of ja. with minimal intsion on the lives the people w share the pa. >
of the pope. the ligion spread to russia, greece easte europe and me recentlyo the united states. today ortdoxy remns one of the most popul form of christianity. s all holines was born 1940 on the turkish islan of'm bruce. his father was a barbershop owner. he enrolled in a tological school graduatg with hig honors in 1961 onctober 22, 1991, heas elected the 270th archbisp of constantople. he w enthroned in the patriarchal cathedral in isnbul. from the binning he has been on a miion to modernizehe church and make it more revant. early on, he became identified with environmealism by incorporating yet inis spirituamessage, he has preached in e spirit of alogue and understanding amg l religis. while there are chrez yas cal dierences with the catholic church, he has met withthe pope several tis. he had seral meets with john paul inthe 1990s and t with benedictn turkey. he's met with leaders around the world, including fidel castro and moammar qaddafi. his holeryness is wellnown in america having receive the congressional gold medal and met with the past ree predents. he's on his sixth viz h
, including ethnic and regious minorities whether they e in the united states, cha or any nation. >> reporte following past actice for such event chinese ahorities detained dozens of human rits activists in vance of the presint's visit. mr. obama did not menti the crackdown but did chide the chine government for internet nsorship. china has 250 milon intert users but also employs the wod's tightest controls over web accs. >> i am a g believer in technoloy. and i'm a big liever in openns when it comes to the flow of informatn. i think that the morereely inrmation flows, the stronger the socie becom. because then citizens of countries arounthe world can hold their own governments accountable. ey can begin to think for themselves. that generates new ids. it encouages creativit >>orter: the president suggesteds communist rulers shou have nothing to fear fr more openness. heited criticism he faces at home. >> the truth is that becau in the united states information is free d i have a lot of itics in the uted states who can say all kinds of things out me, i actually think th that makes o democrac
inteational community and the united states is the one who n do the heavy liing. there is no question about that. >> rose: and john hais of politiceau.com gives us a one-year analysiof t oa administration. >> the idea that president ama and his team were able to sehowransform the map and transfo the pitical geography of this coury or the political demogray of this country, thatust doesn't looko be the case. theyidredraw the map i 2008. it was an he norly impresve victory. but that doesn't meanhat th haveomehow fundamentally altered the landape in permanent ways. >> and job griam is here with a newook, a collection of shor stories. >> it is morebout people. more about the small town people. many of wh aretruggling. many of whom have had a l of mis erie, a lot of hop 's about small town lawyers and the crazy things theyo out of desperati. all stuff i saw firsthand many years ago. >> rose: mohamed elbaradei, john harris, johnrisham next. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by the k08ing -- folling: captioning sponsor by rose comnications from our stuos in new york city, this is charl
of last yea has shaken the chise perception of the ility of the united states to run the international systemo that the chinese are becoming-- especially ithe economic fiel- a lot more asstive than they have ever been before. >> rose: we nclude this evenin with melinda gates talkg about gbal health, the ll and melinda gates foundation, and the relationship between the twof them. >> i just can't tellyou how when, y know, i'll come back from the developing worl the first pers i want to talk to and the first person that wants to talk to me is bill. he wants to hear what i've learned, hear wh i'm excited about, i want tell him what i'm excited out, tellhim what i saw,ell him what isn't going as well as we thought. and the same thing. en he comes from northern nigeria, he wants to ll me what he saw, what's gointo be hard, how do we thinkbout this? toe doing tha together is both satisfying but to be woing onsomething that you're so deeply passionat about and that us every piece of your mind and your heart. it ds, it giv us th great joy together. >> rose: henry kissinger o the u.s./china rel
is mmitted tohe effort in ahanistan. they're waiting, like the rest of the world i, the united states andhrough president obama to announc our ientions and our way forward. but they have a deep unrstanding of why this is portant for nato, why this important for the larger international communit ani think that given the right meures of accounbility that we need to be seeking from presidenkarzai and his government, we're goingto see a commitment n just from germany but fromany ofur nato allies. >> rose: mightthey makeup whever the gap is between what general mcchrystals seeking and what the united stes is prepared to provide in terms of troops? >> well, ihink we have to wa for th president's announcement. buwe will be, as we have been, consulting very deeplyur ales and talng about what we want to see from them in order to have this integrated military and civian strategy. cause, remember it's not ju out troops on theground, it's about making sur that the people of afghastan see the results ofhis efft. that they ha more faithin their own governments of... as an enty thatan deliverfor em.
different from wt we have in the united states. there is a wonderful boo out there called "the healing of americ" by a washington post reporter. what we have the united stat is an amalgam of the worst,hat just about all of e system that y talked about, we have a littleit from this one, a little bit badrom this one, etc. so you end up with somhing that clas it is the best health care the world whe the statistics say it prett pathetic, the quity of alth care and unid states. >> you are saying the medicine is pattic,o what about care? >> the medicine is pathetic, the results are pathetic. d the costs arexorbitant. that is very depressing. what happens then that it getsemagogued to deat that is what we'reeeing rig now. the old thingsthat scare people to tea parties, and om the left, things that are unrealisc. u end up in the same stae of political palysis, and the ited states gets into deepe trouble providing something at should be a fdamental right in this country. >> what hapns witthe current deba that we have moved aad, theres not a recognion, that there ever really w that is is a b
to keep many of the prrams they wt in the united states. >>eporter: and susie, both g.m. and chrler have gotten concessions from the.a.w., so ford needs them toemain competitiv >> right, dianne, what a the chances of fd getting those concessio now that it making money, doesn't at give the union a bargaining chip? >> absolutely. inact, the uaw toda said that the gd inspections that ford report today were part ofhe reason that thrank and file voted down the concessions. they said that they would not go back to the bargaini tablement but obviously if the financials would deteriorate from here they might bencouraged to go back. wel have to wait and see. >>nother issue about where things are financially with ford, lot of headlines today about that billn dollar profit butord also s a lot of debt. mething like $ billion. so how doeshat play into its forecast. isn't that a serious problem? >> it is a problem. as you probably recall, they mortgaged a lot of asse to keep themselves out of bankruptcy analystsay if the ecomy continues to improve, if the crit markets continue to improve and if the c
government is going get by most of the west. not just the united states, but the cadians and the europea. ey're all getting ver disillusioned. th're spilling blood and spending a whole lot o money on a government at isn't sn legitimate by it own people. i think this patience is wearing thin across e boa. >> all right. thank you very muc foroining us. >> tha you. >>> a seni israeli military offici has warned of a new threat from hamas milints in gaza. the head of military intelligen, major general amos yadlin, sa today hamas has test-fired an iranian roet in recent days capable of fing 37 miles from gaza to tel av, israel's major metropolin area. until no rockets fired out of gaza have only reached uto 25 miles. he also said hamas is cuently not interested in confroation with israel, but rather devoting i energies to e continuingo smuggle gaza weons into the area. anon that rocket disclosure, we want to know at you think. our question tonig, how do you think israel shoulrespond to the latest sclosure that hamas has a missile capable of hiing tel-aviv? you n give us your opinion by going to th
's nuclear program, it was x world wers that ma a movetoday. delegas from the united states, britain, france, germany, russia and china met in brussels,belgium, and turned up the heat on iran. they didn't discuss e sanctions, not y anyway, but that posbility served as a backdropor today's meetings. the issue is iran's nuclear ambitions. tehranays its uranium enrichment programs for peaceful purposes only, but other untries worry gives iran the capability of making an atic bomb. despite some timism in recent wes, iran now seems to be rejeing a plan have its uranm enriched outside the country. e delegates in brussels urd iran to reonsider, a hence thtalk by president oma and othe this weekbout the possibility new sanctions. what kind of measuresnd when, that is our "lead focus" tonight. weeks after andisclosed the existence of this once secret nuclear facility nea the holy city of qom,n brusselsoday representives of the world's major powers pressed iran to accept a plan to curb its nuclear am bigs. the six countries released this statemt -- we urge iran to rensider the opportunity offered b
. translator: the stated positionf the united states in relation to settlements in t annexation of jerusalem ve been well-moan and areciated by us. however, we were sprised by their voring of the israeli position. >>eporter: but obama's been talking up a possibl breakthrough in middleast peace going back beforhis cairo speech. palestinns fear obama won'tbe able to encouge israel to make the other compromises necesry to complete a final peace al. a leading palestini candida to fill abbas' shoes t it this way -- >> i think this annncement is declaration of the failure of efforts for true peaceos, due to the israe policyf exnding and continuing settlements and th failure of the united states take an partial position. >> reporter: now abbas has had enough d say his won't stand for re-electn. it remains to be seen if the u.s. moves ttry to keep himr prefers to look tohe future with another palestini head of state, ithe earlyart of next ye. john tarat, al jazeera, washingt. >> for more on the middle east peace proces we arejoined by the minister o public affas in the israeli canet minister. thk you
with the ballot. the united states needs to say to the world we have to solve the probm of our continng confrontation with the musm world it has undermined theuccess of president after president. and we cannot continue that way. we havto find a way to overcome that barri and therefore isel has to see itself in eontextf the whol western alliance. >> rose:riedman, rogan, cohen next. >> funding forcharlie rose has been provided by the following. >> each daa billion peopl won't find se drinking water. around the worlde're helping communites to access clean water. working to impve lives through conservation a education. one op at a time. >> additional fundg for charlirose was also proved by these funders . >> and b bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news d information services worldwide ptioning sponsored by rose communications from our studiosn new york ci, this is charlie rose. >> this was a big week in diplacy forresident oa. last nighte returned from a we long visit to asia it ok him to japan, singapore, china, south korea, during his first top in tokyo the present called himself americ
b police after he shooting at fort hood, the argest milary installation in the united states. he is now conscious. he's been speaki to medical staff. let's get moredetailson this bbc's correondent richard watson isith me in thetudio. richard what ae you hearin >> it's a very instant pie that's going t appear in the "new york times" tomorrow our time. and sily what it suggestion is that intelligee agencies in e united states were mitoring communications of me kind between nidal mal ssan and a radicalleric who ud to be based near washington, d.c.ut who fled the countryn effectn about, well, after 9/11 attacks. now, if true this sheds some light on what's being said oer the past 12 hrs, wich is th some intelligenc agencies in th united states were aware of some attempts byidal malik hassan to contact qud leads. theleric in question is anwar al lachy. he was cented near washington, d.c. it's significanfor this reason he's already admitted in the 9/11ommission inquiry to knowing one o the 9/11 jackers. and th f.b.i. believes he knew anoth two hijacks. so that makes him a person of ext
. he charged the united states with backtracking onts middle east policy and refusing to press israel to freeze selement building in the west bank. >>> more tnight on that ship carrying hundreds of tons of weapons that were ized off the coasof cyprus. israel claims the wpons were from in and were heed to hezbollah ghters in lebanon. today, isrli prime minister njamin netanyahu claimed tha iran's goal was to kill as man civilian as possible. for its part, hezbollah deni any connectionith the weapons. >>> weurn now to africa and a story that impressed us with its insights into at is going on somalia. we have reported the very tenuous political situation there, a weak government backed by the united states d an incrsingly violent islamic rebel movement, known as al sh what you are aut to ee will put the threat of those extremists in perspectiv and willhow why we all needo pay attention to somalia. in ra visit by western journalist, martin geisl went to the town of bos so noh of the capitagadishu. >> ts is a publichow of forcby al shabaab. these pictures filmed in the past f dys in mogi
people in the united states th there were a year ago. tavis: i love the word shoptimi. >> i means severalhings. which is to say there's someing that will compel us to show no matte what. i dot think it necessarily means we're going t shop wh the same way, wh the same recklessness, the same mind set, but we will find way to shop. where there's a willo shop, there's way to shop. >> shopping and buying can be very anxus. it's both pleasurab and painful and nervous making on the other hand. oftentimes we lose sig of the fact that while i not condoningeckless spending,r people getting way into debt, think there are materialuys that eve if we buy them emotionally, theyo add something meaningf to our lives. and inhe book iry to exple exactly what thats. tavis: some examples of that since we're on it. >> i interviewed a woman in minnesota who's father had recently died. and shend her brother went ck to hisouse to clean o his stuff. and she took se of his things ck to her house. an theyind of found a place, somef them didn' but sh stopped and she said, you know, thene thing tha i wod have
to make it very diicult to keep many of the progra they want the united states. >> repter: and susie, both g.m. and chryslehave gotten concessions from the u.a., so ford needs them to remn competitive. >> right, dianne, what are the chances of ford getting those concessions n that it's ming money, doesn't thative the union a rgaining chip? >> absolutely. in fac the uaw today said that the goodnspections that ford reported day were part of theeason that the ra and file voted down e concessions. ey said that they would not go back to the bargaining tlement but obously if the financials would deriorate from here, they might be encraged to go back. we'll ve to wait and see. >> anoer issue about where things are financially with ford, a lot of headlines today about that billion dollar profit but for also has lot of debt. someing like $27 billion. so how does tha py into its forecast. isn't that aerious problem? >>it is a problem. as you probably recall, they mortgaged a lot of assets to keep themselves out of bankruptcy. analysts sayf the econom continues to improve, if t creditarkets con
. the whe house said today the united states will not be in afghanisn for another eight or nine years. that word as the admistration lays t groundwork for presidt obama's announcement on tueay of a new war rategy. darren gersh takes a look at question many are asking: w much will the w strategy cost. and what will it mean fothe economy? >> reporter: in ir and afghanistan total ending is on pace to hit $1rillion by the enof the 2010 budget year. our annual defen spending has not been this high since world war ii. but weighed agait our gross domestic product the broest measure of economiactivity anthony cordesman, aadviser to thstate department and pentagon saythe wars in afghistan and iraq are not an undue burden. >> with two wars a that includes still an iraq efft ich is much more expensive than the afghan fort, the burden on the amican economy is a little over 4% whicis much lower than it was durin most of the coldar. reporter: to date, the war afghanistan has cost t nation $227 bilon. the president harequested anothe$73 billion for next year bringing the total official st so far to
it was a cole of hdred ars ago until the 19th amendmen, half the unite states wast entitled to do mu. we have a great syste >> rose: what's happened the st of the world, especially china and india and aces like that,ave grown and have enormous pottial now and that are growing faster than we are. >> that's rrific. >> rose: that's terrific? it mea the pie's bigger? >> sure. the rld is not a zer sum game. i mean, if we had our choice of being an land of psperity in a world of 6.5 billion people, most of whom were struggng, or being the same country with other people prosping, the tter is much the better choice particularly in e nuclear world pup don't want billions of people with nucar capacity envying you and feeling somehow you've gotten al the goodiesf the worl we will growslower relative t a china significaly slower, but they're starting fro a much lower base. >> rose: mid-century they' have a larger economy than we will. >> it will be a lo time. >> rose: you don't bieve that, though? >> large or a per-capita basis. >> rose: i mea a larger growth economy. >> if ey have four times as many p
reasons. it's a second chae for the world commity to cometogether this time th the united state and with biing obligations in some form on china and other lae emerging economies an it's gnificant because the scientif community globally s ratched up their sense of alarm and you ar general they really don't he too many years to begin are redung the global warng pollution that is driving e earth ecological system toward catastrophe. >> rose: sy with that. they s ten years. the window ty say is ten years esseially? >> yeah, a they said that three years ago. >> rose: and cat trophy means what >> the's certain elements i the earth's ecologicasystem that could be pushedeyond a kind of tippi point the pase is controversial. but if the greenlandce pack, for example,as induced to mel so rapidly that it could note stopdhat would lead to catastrophic sea level re, silarly in west antarctica. eith would produce a six to seven met incree. the ze of the continental united states, it's been there r three million yes, a key elemenin the earth'sbility to cool itse, if i disappears it would not co
in the united states, significant announcent? >> yes, defitely. there had been a thoht that the president woulrefrain from putting anything psk on the table until the congre had acted. the house has acted if these numbers are in lin with what the hous has in their bill,ut the senate has just reportedded somethg out of comttee. nothing s reach the floor. so by putting h force behin these numbers, the presint is sort of settingp a negotiating line witthe congress and indicating probably what he feels is the minimu benth whenhesenate shouldn't go and a minimum of wt the world neez needs. a warming of three to four degreesahrenheit puts us in the nger zone as far as global warming is concerned, and these sorts of emissions reductions are consistentwith what we need to get od start combatting th warming. >> suarez: professor, ishat mething new for the united stes, specific ars and specific reduction perntages? >> back in the cnton administration, the u.s. did agree to specifiyears and specic reduction perntages, and they were emdied in the kyoto protocol whh president inton never sent up to t
in afgnistan. they're waiting,ike the rest of the world is, the united states and tough president ama to announce our inttions d our way forward. t they have a deep undetanding of why this is imrtant for nato, why this is important for the larger international community. and hink that given the right meases of accountality that we need to be seeking from president rzai and his government,e're going see a commitment notust from germany but from my of o nato allies. rose: might ey make whater the gap is between what general mcchrystal i seeking and what the united stas is prepared to provide in terms of troops? >> well, i tnk we have to wait for the president's nouncement. but will be,s we have been, consulting verydeeply o alli and talki about what we want to see from them in order to havehis integrated military and civili strategy. beuse, remember it's not just abt troops on theground, it's about making sure that the people of afghanian see the resultsof ts effor that they have more faith their own government aof... as an entit that c deliver r th. so the needs to be a lot more civi
get in tlubl. >> when those people argue-- some peopl argue-- that the united states is a special place there is a creativit,here is an entreeneurship, there is quality ofmagination that's different and we willind our way out of this becau we have a larger share o those qualities. >> we are an extraordinary country,ake no doubt aut it. and it's been an traordinary period. we may fin anxtraordinarily clever way to deal with this giant debt problem but that doesn't meanhat it won't involve so kind of default or flation or financial crisis. >> rose: so tl me, what do you want the president to do now? >> y know, i think the single-most important thing- and it's very, very tough-- is to articulate a credible policy where r debt ajectory slows down. and they've ied to do that but it's based on ver, very rosie picture of what haens to grth. >> rose: whas too rosey? >> our picture o growth. so if gw, that solves a e problems. if we're booming,hen the debts art shrinking relative to ou income everything's fine. t i think it's an easy temptati to makenrealistic estimates of jt how rich we'
withthe inrnational community and the united states is the one whcan do the heavy fting. there is n question about that. >> rose: and john rris of politiceau.com gives us a one-year analys ofhe oa administration. >> the idea that president obama and his team were able toomehow transform the map and transrm theolitical geography of this cntry or th political demogphy of this country, that just doesn't lo to be the case. they did redraw the mapn 2008. was an he norly imprsive victory. but that doesn't mean that ey have somehow fundamentally alter the lascape in permanent way >> and job gsham is here with a n book, a collection of sht stories. >> it is mor about people. more about the small town people. many of om are struggling. many of whom have had aot of ms eri, a lot of he. it's about small town lawyers and the crazy things th do out of desperaon. all stuff i saw firsthand many years ago. >> rose: mohamed elbaradei, john harris, joh grisham next. >>unding for charlie rose s been provided by the k08ing -- followin captioning sponsed by rose cmunications from our sdios in new york c
from the cris so far worldwide which mostly concentrate on the united states $1.7 trillion. we're talkingbout credit sses in dubai o perhaps 0 billion. that an order of magnitude, tw orders of magnitude smaller in dubai than what we have senn the united states. the additional problems in the united states are another 100, 200,00 billion b they are coming on top of all these existing probls. they are comi into a banki system that is weak already in the uited states. >>warner: so briefly do we ve reason to be nervousby hat happened today in dubai. >> yes,t should make us nervou came at an ago waurd time. abu dhabi is closed for usiness until mondaso we don't know whateal they work ouuntil at least sunday. and if monday we have new rk opening without full relution of the issue, ithout total clarity it is going to be a difficult wee >> warner: si upon johnson of m.t. and the person institute, thank you so much. >> ank you. >> odruff: in other news today iran was censured r its nuclear pgram by the u.n.'s nuclear watch dog agency. 25 nations including cha and russia apoved the resol
to seven mer incase. thsize of the continental united states, it's been the for three million ars, a key elemt in the earth ability to cool itlf, ift disappears it would not come bk on a time scale thatould be comfortable for human species. also thatould lead to the awing of the perm fro around the arctic tha ctains so much ozen carbon that the amount in the atmosphere could double and that would mak the task of restoring a favorable climate balance forumanity much more difficult. there are other such tping points but the earth system is ve complex. yes ago a distinguished scientist inhis city,ally brucker, said "it's an angry beast and we're poking i with a stic" and without getting to detas we're now at a point where the most serious a distinguhed scientists who studiedhis are waing that we are real playing with fire e where the future of human civilizion is concerned. >> rose: hp educa us as to the terminology r how w will measure emsion standards. >> well, ere's a baseline for ever country that describesow ch global warming pollution they're puttin up each year. >> rose: and the u. a
control of afghanistan,it would represent major threat to the united states. >> odruff: we heard the present say today when the american peop hear our rational we think they wi come along. >maybe. >> woodruff that's whathe ma. >> maybe a lot of that h to do with th perception of whether the united states can w there an people don't judge the militarsituation very well. and whether the afghanistan... the people in aer dan stan... the afghanistan government canucceed after we've left. there are a aot of dbts on the par of the public about that. >> woodruff: josh gerstein, pull some of this tother. what are the political force out the weighing on the presint? >> here's wt i think the basic poblem is. it is that we may know by 2011 or 2012 whethe the decision the present is abouto announce a success. we may know whether there's better traction for th u.s. mission infghanistan. we'rerobably not going to kno about the me members of congress facee-election in november of ne year. in fact, not all the troop that e president is expeced toend there will even be in country by that tie. tho
to the contrary. demjanjuk was deported from the united states in maynd is chged with being an accessory to the murder o almost 28,000 jews at a nazi death cam in poland. the trial, as you n imane, is major story in germany and drew survors of the holaust who are coinced of demjanjuk's ilt, as we hear in this repo from our german partner deutsche welle. >> reporter: the past still haunts him. he spent 11months at auswitz. his parents and s brother were killed in the death campn sobibor. heas traveledto munich from his home in the netherlands. he's among 30 who will b attending the trl. ere's no doubt in his mind that john demjanjuk is guilty, and he wants to see him convicted. >> translator: i makes no dierence whether he's 9 years old 90. he did it. was there. i can' say whether he mdered my parents, but he was involved in their killing. >> reporter: demjanjuk has consistently dend ever being at sobibor. one of the toughest challenge cing prosecor will be to answer the question surrounding the identity of the 89-year-old. questionthat may never be answed. in 1988,he wasentenced to deat
for president obama: afghanist. thwhite house said today the united states will not bin afghistan for another eight or nine years. that word as thedministration la the groundwork for prident obama's announcement onuesday of a new war strategy. darren gersh takes a looat a question many are asking: ho much will the nestrategy cost. and what will it mean for e economy? >> reporter: in iraqnd afghanistan total spding is on pace to hit $1 tllion by the end the 2010 budget year. our annual defensepending has not been this high since wor war ii. but weighed ainst our gross domestic product theroadest measure of ecomic activity anthony cordesma an adviser to the state department and pentagonays the wars in ghanistan and iraq are not a undue burden. >> with two wa and that includes still an iraqffort which is much more expensi than the afgn effort, the burden on thamerican economy is a little over 4% ich is much lower than it was ding most of the ld war. >> reporter: to date, the r in afghanistan has co the nation $227illion. the presidenhas requested anher $73 billion for next year bringing the tot
national ctioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> the attorne general o the united states kicked up a firestorm when he announced h decision to try the accused architect of the/11 attacks and four of the men i new york feral court, not f from groundero -- civianourt, not miliry tbunal couldeep contel f the decision on capitol hill this week. -- he caught hell for e decision on capil hill this ek. >> how can he be morlikely to get a conviction ifederal court when khalid sheik mohamd has alreadagreed to plead guilty in military cmission and executed? [alause] i will not debate ere these cas are to berought on what 8 terrorist, a mder, wants to do. he will not select the prosecution venue, i will d i have. >> sator lindsey graha says that ts is a perversion of t justice system. what do you think, nina? >> i think i is a ry hard decision tha thettorney genel made, and i wou point out tt we had a military commissions for seve yea and th have not successfull brought anyby to trial, because of problems with the coission. a likelihood, theres lots of evidence thawe do not know about and th
. captioneby the nation captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> the attney gener of the united states kicked ua firestorm en he announc his decision t tryhe accused architect of the 9/11 attacks and four of the m in new york federal court, n far from grnd zero -- civiln crt, not milita trinal could kp contel forhe decision on capitol hill this week. -- he caught hell for th decision on capitohill this we. >> how can he be more kely to t a conviction in deral court when khalid sheik mohamme has already reed to plead guilty in military comssion and bexecuted? [appuse] i will not debate whe these caseare to be bught on what terrorist, murder, wants to do. he wl not select the prosecution venue, i wl and i have >> senator lindsey gham says th this is a perversion of the justice system. what do you think, nina >> i thi it ia very hard decisionhathe attorney neral made, and iould point ou that we haa military commissions for venears and they have not successlly brought ybody to trial, becausof problems with the commission. in all likelihood, tre is lots of evidenchat we do not know about and that
on a conservation iss. britain, france, united states ve all called for a ban on this, the trade in bluefin tuna. and that could leave japan's sushi restrants without their star attraction. but for blefin, time is running t. unless rampantoverfishing is curbedery soon, these predators ofhe sea, the equivalent of lions and ters, ll simply vanish. >>> now, let's switch ges. we're going to meet some pople who ve devod their lives to their passions for ood, or as you'll see in our next story, why. lebanon is not the top country that you wou think of in develong great wines. t the bekaa valley has a history going back to an current mes. today the ne business is thring there once again and attracting newcers as christen gillpie fod on a wine road less traveled. >> reporter: it's spring, and that means pruning season for thevineyards of this village in e muntains about an hour eas of beirut. it's ao theome of chateau bellvi, the awa winning winery that debuted tree yea ago. thes two opened the nery in part to rebuild this cistian village thatas nearly destyed by the lebane civil war. jill describes com
in the united states. >> jeff: well, darren, is the a chance of bank ctagion from dubai's debt load? >> wl, that's a concer you n never completely re th out, but there is a lot of moy in the middle east, and the amnt of money here in the globalcheme of things is relatively small so most of the peopl i spoke withhink that this is me of a fincial cold than a financial flu. >> jeff: whatshould u.s. inveors be watchin for in this situaon? should i be woied? >>ou should be concernednd watchful. i think what's gng on here is we're getting a sial that commercial real estate is wk arnd the world. dui world owns hotel just a block or from here. they hav large holdings in the united states. they have investmes in las vegas, and the big cy cenr prect. the ncern is they might be forced t sell some o their hoings here into aweak market to bring the mon back home, and it'sust a general sense that ts credit cris is not over. commerci real estate could be next. and pele should be paying close atteion to t strength of the underlying global economy whathis says abo that. >> jf: darren, thanks f joing us. >> sure
is going toe different this time? how des the united states and its allies kno that they won't remake eveif they felthat we have reneged in the past? >> neith side can trust one another. that's why both sides have to live up to agreents. are we sure that they wll live up to angreement? no. but the way you make re is you don't try to the first to rege. you play thugh and see if they live up to t agreements. and that'something we haven't done >> okay. leon seagul,hank you very much for joining us. thank you for having me. >>> the presiden also talked about iran's nuclear program toy saying that rld lders willikely adopt new measures over the nxt several weeks to push iran for refusing to stop its uranium enrichment pgram. officials from the unite states, itain, hina, france, russia and germany will meet in brussels tomorrow discuss the meases. the president sa that now is e time for iran to show it wants to be responsible. >> we have begun discussions with o international partners about the importae of havin consequences, th the dual-track approach requir ir to get a clea message, that when
after e had been shoherself by hasan. he was a muslim, bo in the united states, ajordanian presen. they are wondering whetr he s arazed gunmen, or whether the u.s.rmy major had been radicalized by the war' his ountry is fighting overseas. at the mosque where hi-- whe heorshipped, a friend disagrees. he was a geneman. ve soft-spoken. heas immature. anyone who kne h, they ked him. he liked everybody i never saw himetting into religis or political coflicts. he wasot a loner. >> he, at he, the story ahd. >> we were taken on he base today, and we talked to one of the sldiers on the same. >> gunshots erywhere. people were trying to move to get to ambulances. >>hat are you doing? >> trying to help triage. >> the u.s.s all too familiar wit ma shootings, but this one takes pace at a particularly acute place and time. it raises a cucial question -- was this the work of a disturbed invidual or someing more sinister thanhat? the gunman is in hospital under armed guard. ere, they want answers from him,nd quickly. matthew price, bbc news, fort hood, tas. >> another shting in the u.s. -- this ti
are shrinking >> reporter: chinas one of the biggest exported tthe united states and it pegs its rrency to the doar. so at a stores tt sell a lot of cnese goods-- prices are typically not affecteduch by currency fctuations. while ices for some imports may be rising due to theeak dollar, the ttom line is that inflation doesn't seem to be much of a risk. >> if every prodt in the u.s. waimported, i would be more concerned about that but it isn't. and not every price of an port gets passed rough all the way to the consumer anyway. >> reporter:peaking of passing through the weakollar makes it cheaper for europeans to vacatioin cities like neyork. at bring badly-needed money the stores, hote, and restaurants. erika miller, nighy business reportnew york. >> paul: weakness in the dlar helped wall street open hier as d disney's better than expeed earnings that we told you about last night. buyers were so inspired by j.c. penney's re upbeat earnings and reven forecasts. two hours into tradi the dow was sporng an 80 point gain with the nasdaq up 13 poin. investors brushed off an unexpected drop in
money, per se,on the termen ale ill. the objecte that we should face in the unit states is lou to providinformation to individuals an physicians so thathey can make fully inrmed decisions about t kinds of care that they want to have. a sysm suchs great itain's ere expenditur are a small fraction ofwhatwe spend here need to face those kinds of questions. are light-yearaway from having to confront that sortf questi here in the united states. >> we only have a few second left, but there' more to this than just ecomics. there'a moral debate aspect isn't there? >> yes. ve much so. we're all going todie at some point. we wa to have our treatmt at such times be consistent with our values our comrt. we want t spend time with our families and friends. medical care should facilat that, not stand i the w of it. >> henry aaron, thank u very much foreing on the program. >> thank you very much for having me. >>> now,et's get your oughts, because it brings us to tonight's "how youee it" question. in an effort to bring down health ce cost, should the u.s. governmenlimit payment forcancer-figin
cabet, will the united states suort stil the new government. >> well, there are warlos and there arewarlords. there are people w are called that who fought against al eda and the talib and their alli. and there are people who had very serious beaches of human rights and mistrement of people during war, which is always difficulto, you know, lo back on and figure ouhow to judge. >> reporter: a decisn to send 34,0 additional troopsto afghanistan would bepposed by many demrats in congress. secretary of state clinton secretary of defense robert gates, chaman ofthe joint chiefs mik mullen and general mcchrystal are expecte to visit capitohill in an effort to sell thelan. >>> for moren the plan we're joined by juan caos zarate, at the cnter for strategic and international studies in washington. he alsoerved as depu national securit adviser for mbating terrorism during the bush admintration. welcome back. >> thanks, marn. >> reports suggest tat president obama will sd an ditional 30,000 troops to afghanistan. homight these aed forces change the waythe u.s. and nato are conductg
th inrgents there and vry portantly ome plausible scenario f how the unite states ends thist some point and gets t because he's got a liberal base that is very woied about that. peteis there soe worry tt this i i, that if this increase doesn do it, n more? >> i think forsome liberals there woul't even be this increase. t yes there's going o have o be some tpe of god effct and it's going tobe very hard for him to gbeyond this. there are thousands onato troops tere as well so this ll be a fairly lrge bildup t again the presint, he's going have to talk abt how this is oing to be effective in dismantng al qaeda ad fighting the isurgents atthe same time havi aplausible scenario for how it ends esident pete: wesaw this week apretty good xample of hw tough sell itill be the the esident laid outwhy he thiks it's important tostay in afghistan to go after errorists in thetribal aras but soe saidle onl way to prove it is if there are taxes rsed to pa pour it. >> to mke sure al qaeda an its extremit alliescannot operate effecvely in those areas. we're oing to ismantm and degre their capaliti
's alleged he hped the hijacks reach the united states, th sent them $120 thousand dollars forxpenses and flight training. theuspects have been held for as longas 5 years-- at secret tes and at guantanamo-- and have been subjecteto harsh interrotions. khalid eikh mohammed wa reportedly water-boarde183 times in 2003 beforthe practice was banned. but at tod's news conference, attoey general holder said he was sure of convictis. >> the reality is-- and i wt to be as suring as i can-- that, based on a of my experien and based on all of he recommendations and the gre work and the research that has been done, tt i am quite confident that the outmes in these ses will be successful ones. >> reporter: and i japan, presidt obama said he believes the u.s. federal cous are up to thjob. >> i am absolutelconvinced that khalid sheik mohammadill be subject to the most ecting emands of justice. the american peoplwill insist on and my administrationill insist on i >> reporr: the idea of brging the detainees to the u.s. has ready run into restance. >> this is one of e most disgracef decisions any prsid
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